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ATT 500m Benchmark – 20/5/19

Today’s workout looks to get a baseline Benchmark against a 500m Pace to carry forward to future workouts.
After a thorough warm up you’ll build the intensity through the first few sets before getting 2 attempts to set a benchmark for the distance.
Record your best 500m time.

1x 1000m MODERATE RPE 7-8
1x 500m HARD RPE 8
1x 1000m EASY RPE 5-6
1x 500m BENCHMARK RPE 10
1x 1000m EASY RPE 5-6
1x 500m BENCHMARK RPE 10

4500m TOTAL

Beyond Getting Faster

Having worked as a race director, coach and competed as an athlete in the sport for a few years now I’ve had the privilege of seeing and helping many athletes come up through the sport from complete novices to successful athletes. This isn’t really a blog about that, it’s largely about what comes after.   …

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WHAT FUEL IS REQUIRED DURING EXERCISE? During high intensity or long endurance exercise, carbohydrate is your dominant fuel source. This is simply because fat and protein cannot be metabolised quick enough to keep up a supply of energy to meet the demands of the exercise. Within the body carbohydrate is stored as glycogen, and this …

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B Vitamins

What are they? B-vitamins are commonly used in sports supplements due to their role in supporting energy metabolism and other beneficial physiological effects such as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue or supporting the immune system. Some are more common in the diet, but others such as B12 can be deficient in certain diets for …

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