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I call this session a bookend. Designed to work on front end pace then the ability to push the pace at the end. This is the key to getting onto some good feet, creating a gap so no one can draft off you and pushing at the end of the swim where most people are
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When chasing speed the staple diet for many swimmers is 100's & 200's. This nasty little workout takes 100m repeats and backs them onto a longer 500m endurance or tempo set. This serves to give the body time to develop aerobic capacity and race pacing skills between harder blocks of intervals. Described by Australian, Cameron
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Managing pace over distance can be a challenge particularly in races where it increases and decreases depending on the water, bottlenecks around buoys and mainly other swimmers. This workout focuses on endurance whilst building the capacity to pick up speed when needed. DISTANCE: 2000-3600mTIME: 45-75 minutesFOCUS: Endurance & Pacing hr#vc_separator_7 { border-color: #888; margin-top: 30px;
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Hybrid workouts provide a blend of drills & conditioning and provide a good way to transition from a long but slow stroke technique to higher turnovers. The point is to use the kick & pull set to sharpen up technique prior to a hard interval. The continuous nature of the sets provides for a challenging
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