Our variation of last man standing leaves no man behind, as long as you can endure the 10 hours you can beat the event. Its all about getting your head in the right place and keeping moving.


14th MARCH 2020

The rules of the challenge are relatively simple.

You will be awarded an event medal and finishers shirt based on your ability to complete 10 laps of our roughly 3mile, 4mile or 5mile loops in the given time.

You can change down distance at any time based on how the day is going but you must complete all 10 laps and return to the race village within each hour. Failure to complete a lap and return to the fort within the hour will mean you can’t progress onto the next hour.

The Blue loop is a fantastic starting point because as long as you dig deep, get your mindset and keep moving you can complete the event. The Black course will provide a tough challenge for even the hardest of ultra runners.



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