Want to try out the flavours before you invest in a big tub. We got you.

This bundle includes a sample of each flavour in our RACESTAK & RECOVERYSTAK ranges plus one of our 500ml water bottles.

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RACESTAK is a one of a kind pre-workout formula designed specifically for the demands of endurance athletes.

RACESTAK Contains:

– 22 grams of rapidly digesting Carbohydrates to fuel your workout.

– 7.2 grams of Branch Chain Amino Acids.

– 12 Key Active Ingredients in clinically effective dosages to help you power through your next workout.

RECOVERYSTAK is a complete rapid recovery formula combining protein and carbohydrates to get you training again ASAP.


– 17g of High Quality Whey Protein Concentrate to help with muscle repair post workout .

– Contains 45g of Carbohydrates to achieve a 3:1 Carbohydrate to Protein Ratio and rapidly recharge fatigued muscles.

– Further support for endurance athletes with the inclusion of L-Carnatine Tartrate, Vitamin C & Choline.



Info based on Racestak Lemon & Lime

Info based on Recoverystak Cookies & Cream

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