RACESTAK aims to be the most complete pre workout nutrition product for endurance athletes.
We’ve left no stone unturned to identify those ingredients that have a solid scientific backing and have included them in quantities found in studies to influence performance – not just tick a box on the packaging.
RACESTAK replaces your normal pre workout nutrition with a single easy to consume drink designed to optimise your performance over the following session.


– Mix 1 serving (3 scoops – 45g) with 300 to 400ml of cold water in your favourite sports bottle and shake. Consume approximately 30 minutes before starting your training session.
– RACESTAK removes the need to use other pre exercise energy products such as gels or energy drinks.
– For your first couple of times using RACESTAK you may want to use a half serving or 2 scoops rather than a full serving in order to give you time to adjust to a higher caffeine intake.
– Minimise caffeine intake for 12 hours before consuming RACESTAK for maximum effect.
RACESTAK contains a combination of two different types of supplements in practical usage. Those that have an immediate or acute effect and are time sensitive and those that require sustained consumption over a prolonged period in order to raise the bodies stores and enhance performance.
Many of the ingredients above have both a combination of immediate and prolonged effects but we’ve placed them in the table based upon our opinion of where they are best placed.
To maximise the performance enhancement effects of RACESTAK consistent usage of the product is key to enable the enhancement of the bodies natural stores of these elements and in turn elicit the maximum performance benefits.


– In order to maximise the effect of the ingredients Acetyl L-Carnatine, Beta Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous & Citrulline Malate you should look to maintain a consistent daily intake. On training days take RACESTAK as normal and on non training days you can split into two servings.
– If you are using RACESTAK on a less frequent basis you will still find benefits and you will still raise natural stores but not to the same extent and may provide a smaller benefit.
– Once the bodies stores have been elevated you may find you can reduce down the frequency of usage and maintain the benefits.
– Your real food diet will also have an effect on your natural stores and will affect the degree of supplementation required in order to maximise the bodies stores. 
– Adjust your serving size up or down to ensure you’re getting the dosage shown to work in scientific studies by weight. Closer to 50Kg = 2 scoops, closer to 100kg = 4 scoops.