DATE: 21st JUNE 2019

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Do I need to have done open water swimming before?

You will want to be a confident and relaxed open water swimmer to make the most of this event so training outdoors before the event is highly reccomended. Luckily you can join us for swimming at Papercourt Open Water Swim on Tuesday nights prior to the event or look up your closest local lake online.

Do I have to stay in the water for the whole 3 hours.

No you will be able to exit the lake upon completion of each lap, rest/refeed and reenter as required.

How is the race recorded?

We will be using an electronic iPad based timing system which provides accurate lap counts reported live to the screens indoors. Each team will have a timing band which will be used to record lap counts.

Do I have to use a tow float?

For the night portion of the swim you will be required to use a tow float, which you will need to bring to the event. We will supply the glow sticks to attach to or store in the float in order to illuminate it.

Do you provide Food/Water/Snacks

As a sports nutrition company needless to say there will be nutrition and feed stations available on course and on land during the event. If you intend to use our products during your training you may want to take advantage of some of our offers and purchase pre race.

What facilities are available on site

You have full use of the Sailing Clubs changing facilities including showers, lockers, toilets and bar.

My friends/family want to come and support what can they see?

Woking Park is a great venue for spectators, there is a viewing gallery for the competition pool, the transition & finish is located just outside, and you will pass them several times on the run.


Do we swim at the same time?

No teams will function as a relay so just one person will be in the water at one time. You will share a timing chip and will be able to swap over chips on shore between laps.