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When chasing speed the staple diet for many swimmers is 100’s & 200’s.
This nasty little workout takes 100m repeats and backs them onto a longer 500m endurance or tempo set.
This serves to give the body time to develop aerobic capacity and race pacing skills between harder blocks of intervals.
Described by Australian, Cameron McEvoy as one of the hardest workouts¬†he’s ever done, 3 rounds of this is simply nasty.

Main Set
Total Time to complete 2 rounds of
500m at Tempo Pace (Zone 3)
5x 100m Hard Repeats (Zone 4)

You must rest 30 seconds between each set.
On repeats of this workout aim to reduce total time.
ATP+ – Complete 3 rounds for 3000m total Main Set

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2x 300 (50m hard 200m steady 50m hard)
2x 300 (75m hard 150m steady 75m hard)
2x 300 (100m hard 100m steady 100m hard)

Rest 45 Seconds between the 300 efforts then 2mins after each set.

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