DATE: 19th OCTOBER 2019


Whats included in my race entry?
Included with your race entry you’ll also get a race medal, 2 free beers at the finish line and a choice of food from our vendors.
What drinks are available?
Within the race village you’ll find a choice of beer and soft drinks are available using your free wristbands. Your beer can be consumed on the day in a pint glass or taken away as a bottle to be enjoyed later.


Not keen on beer? You can visit the bar and purchase wine, spirits and any other drinks currently available.

Is there beer on course?
Due to restrictions around licensing we can’t serve beer on course so we’ll save your free beer for the finish line party. On course you will find several well stocked aid stations serving more traditional sports nutrition.
Do you provide Food/Water/Snacks
As a sports nutrition company needless to say there will be nutrition and feed stations available on course and on land during the event. If you intend to use our products during your training you may want to take advantage of some of our offers and purchase pre race.
What facilities are available on site
Within the park and the brewery there are toilets available.
My friends/family want to come and support what can they see?
Plenty the park is a great atmosphere for a running event and spectators have traditionally found themselves happy to relax in the sun and enjoy the refreshments whilst your gone.